The main goal of Artengo Art Agency is to connect artists, collectors, galleries and exhibiting agents. Due to our experience and knowledge of the developments in the international art market and the needs of our clients we can connect you to the right people, initiate contact, and plan your project for you - professional and committed.

Are you a lover and collector of fine art?

We will advise and guide you in your quest to find exactly the piece of art by the artists represented within our agency that suits you, your taste and your needs. We will also be glad to connect you with one of our artists to realize your vision. If you can not find anything suitable on this site, please contact us and we will be glad to search for you to find the right artist and art within our extended network.

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Are you the owner of a gallery or an exhibit planner?

We can help you to connect with our represented artists for individual exhibit projects – either for a one time exhibit or long term partnerships. We are in continuous contact with our artists and are able to realize projects in a timely manner. Contact us and we will be more than happy to aid and guide you to a successful project.

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Are you an artist?

We can connect you to suitable art galleries and exhibit planners. If wished for we can take care of the entire planning, preparation and realization of your exhibit project inclusive extensive public relations. In personal communication with you we would like to present you different possibilities to find the most suitable setting for your needs.

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Are you working as an art dealer or broker or with cultural tourism?

Artengo International possesses an extensive background and experience in the international art trade, exhibit organization/planning and art related tourism. We would like for you to take the opportunity and use our competence to initiate, plan and realize your art related projects. Give us a brief introduction of your vision and we will be glad to show you possibilities how to realize it.

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Our gallery is closed until further notice. For information feel free to contact us.